How to install OpenQRM 4.8 with LXC containers in Debian Squeeze/Ubuntu 10.04 LTS: Step by Step

OpenQRM 4.8 ( was released on March 31, 2011 with OpenVZ and LXC support. Additional features in this release include remote VM console and support for ICING and automated VLAN management with OpenVSwitch. Enhanced high-availability using Pacemaker + Corosync is something very valueable for a mission-critical datacenter included in this release among others.

Wonderful enterprise grade datacenter management framework! I hope that this information is useful to those who are interested. And thanks to Matt and OpenQRM developers for the hard work!

DISCLAIMER: This is something that worked for me. I do not bear responsibility if something breaks down. You need at least a 100GB for this for basic setup.

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(To install OpenQRM 4.8 in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, follow the official instructions but do not forget to include the features below, needed as same as for Debian Squeeze or Lenny)

A1) Download Debian Squeeze netboot CD from
A2) It will first ask to set up root user password and ask to create a new user. Give the root password twice and create a new user. It will also ask to give the machine's domain and give whatever you like or your tld name.
A3) Create 3 partitions. 512MB (1/2GB) for /boot, 2GB for Swap and rest for /. Format /boot as ext4 and / as LVM. (you can find more info on how to create LVM2 volume online or can just follow the installer guideline).
A4) When it asks what to install, deselect everything including 'Standard Adminstration Utilities'. And also uncheck 'Graphical Desktop Environment'.
A5) Once the setup is complete, just reboot.