A cumulative risk assessment (CRA) of the factors responsible for near-extinction of an ethnic group with only 59 heads surviving. See film for overview.

Started in 2000 as a pioneering socio-scientific research under HDI of Global Initiatives to develop a formula/method to estimate the vulnerabiltiy of indigenous people using quantifiable metrics.

Experts (scientists, sociologists and multimedia crew) are visiting the population periodically from 2000-present. A medical dispensary was set-up in 2009. More


  • To carry out scientific multivariant regression investigations and analysis into the vulnerability factors of human population in order to integrate quanitified levels of vulnerabilty into cumulative risk framework (CRF).
  • To produce a series of monographs, print, and audio-visual materials on the specific CRA.
  • To rescue the specific vulnerable population and preserve their language and culture.


Using the ethnic group facing extinction as study-base, Sichendra Bista has been investigating the effectiveness of any formula or method in predicting vulnerability for human population and communities since 2000 with the help from a battery of social and natural scientists, and local experts and volunteers.

So far, thorough field surveys with special emphasis on poverty mapping in reference to the UN's HDI, HPI and IP standards have been carried out. The survey also assessed health, nutritional and ecological aspects. More


The books and documentaries (post-production pending) shall be based on several field-visits, surveys and audio-visuals collected from 2000-present.

Approximately 6500 high resolution images and some 30 hours of HD video are already in our archives.

Different set of publications and documentaries are planned to be produced for casual readers and scientific community, but pending due to financial constraints for post-production. To support click here, to sponsor, contact.

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